Kia ora tātou!

Welcome to Te Mana o Kupe. We are a charitable trust, established in 2014 and based in Porirua.

We believe in our tamariki, our kids, and we want to see them have wider opportunities to learn and excel. So our mission is to support their digital discovery.

Our goal is inclusive teaching and learning – making empowering technology like Chromebooks (portable digital devices) accessible for students of low-decile schools, in our city of Porirua.

Our Vision

Te Mana o Kupe Trust works with Porirua East rangatahi, their whānau and teachers to  empower them, and equip our communities for the future, by making digital technology accessible and affordable.

What we do

Te Mana o Kupe seeks to provide level access to digital devices and systems, by making them affordable. Alongside this, we support teachers and whānau to work as partners in encouraging our children in their learning, and to thrive at school.   In a sense, we’re expanding the typical classroom experience to enable seamless teaching and learning, from school to home and back to school, empowering all types of learners to achieve success.

Our Goal

To support schools in their collective efforts to raise student achievement – by providing students with the opportunity to own their own Chromebook, enabling seamless teaching and learning, from school to home.

The Trust serves the next generation, by leading the co-ordination of resources, networks and infrastructure, to give children and whānau across the community equitable access to the right learning tools​.

Rangatahi Digital Discoverers

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About the Trust

Our education system continues to fail for a large proportion of our children. Cost is a barrier to technology and to their participation in learning with digital tools. Participation and advancement in the digital learning environment becomes a privilege to a select few.

Under the programme, the Trust purchases digital devices and enters into credit agreements with parents and care-givers, who elect to pay for them over one, two, or three years. Parents are therefore, a major contributor to the digital teaching and learning strategy.

Our trustees are volunteers committed to supporting inclusive teaching and learning – a level playing field for all our rangatahi. This extends to finding ways to support:

  • innovative, digitally-significant teaching programmes, within a robust curriculum
  • a seamless teaching and learning experience between home and school that bridges learning gaps and accelerates achievement
  • whānau positively investing in their children’s home and school learning

The Trust works in close collaboration with schools in the Porirua East Cluster, and with the Te Reanga Ipurangi Trust Ōtaki, in what both trusts see as a close ongoing relationship.


During 2013/14, some of the trustees and the principal of Corinna School travelled to Point England School in Tāmaki, Auckland, to learn more about the work of the Manaiakalani (Tāmaki) cluster of schools. Over almost a decade, that community and their schools had collaborated to develop a new vision for digital education, capturing the attention of other schools and communities throughout New Zealand.

Educators in Porirua East were inspired by the educational success experienced by children in Tāmaki. They aspired to develop a digital campus in Porirua East that could give every child and family in that community access to digital learning – and so the Te Mana o Kupe Trust was formed.

The Trust’s Digital Enablement Project, was formally launched in August 2014 by Hon Luamanuvao Winnie Laban, Assistant Vice-Chancellor Pasifika at Victoria University, and former Labour MP for Mana.